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of MyEcon Personal Finance Company

MyEcon specializes in creating powerful personal financial tools for the everyday person. In the company, there is the opportunity to purchase financial products and/or become a member. As a member, you will share the benefits of these amazing financial products and tools with others. This membership gives you the opportunity to create additional and passive income through the sales made by your referrals. 

We know everything has a learning curve, so let me sponsor your first 30 days. The start-up fee is $19.99.  Discount that amount by $15, leaving you with $4.95 for the first 30 days to start your business, get set-up, gain valuable knowledge through free trainings, and get a running start. From there, you decide if you love the business.

YOU: *Work From Home with No Income Caps *Get the Tax Advantages of Business Ownership * Join weekly educational team calls.

Destined2millions: Will guide you through business set up, the inside of your business dashboard, insider tips and tricks to create a successful business, online trainings and classes, winning mentorship, and so much more.

$19.99 $4.95 

After the first month the fee is $34 monthly for your website hosting and maintenance.

The earning potential is limitless. Only greatness ahead! If you do not like the program you can cancel at any time. 

Are you ready for new opportunities?

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*Work From Home *No Income Caps *Tax Advantages
Business Ownership is right at your fingertips. Join a team that will help you WIN!

Let’s talk!  Your financial goals are closer than you think. Fill out a short questionnaire and unlock endless opportunities for the future. Also, check out a short video on the benefits of building your of our program.